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(EPISODE #1/7)

Accompanied only by some personal belongings,you are back in Champagne.Moved to find the lands of the family wine estate cultivated by your ancestors... proud and attached to thiscenturies-old know-howshared over the generations, to thismagic effervescencefrom the fruits of the earth and the work of men.

On the hillside, a stone's throw from the banks of the Marne, a piece of land enclosed by millstone walls in the center of which, as if frozen in time, stands the majestic family building backed by the aging buildings of the winery. At the back, on the left, the old Cellar, also serving as a tasting room, where stands, among a few barrels, the large oak cask branded with hot iron with the coat of arms-emblem of the House. On the side, on the right, the "so terrifying" stairs of your childhood, still so dark and steep, lead you to the freshness and the unique smells of the chalky cellars of Champagne.

Wine and oenology diplomas in your pocket, you did not take much time to think before accepting the opportunity that presented itself to you: that of taking up the torch of the family vineyard. Moreover, you are not long in taking place within the local council of the "Masters of cellar" to mark your return and to be able to defend your future interests there.

Thanks to their versatility, Alice, Olivier and Christian, the 3 loyal employees of the House, agree to accompany you in the ambitious challenge that presents itself to you. In your wildest dreams, in full awareness of the eco-responsible issues raised by your generation, you want to be able to give new impetus to the estate, offer real fame to the cuvées of the House and develop the distribution of your Champagnes well beyond borders.


To date, the house only owns a few plots located in the Marne Valley… mainly Meuniers grapes. Your ambitions for the farm lead you to make your first major strategic decision: Invest gradually in new plots.


In consultation with your new collaborators, after having made the health assessment of all the plots of the estate, you commission Christian, the oldest and most experienced of them, to enter into an active search for new plots of vines. He gladly accepts, but does not hesitate to remind you of the whims of the weather in Champagne... Frost, hail and vine diseases can destroy all or part of a harvest. History having taught him not to

put "all your eggs in one basket", he rightly suggests that you diversify your regions of establishment and the varieties of your own grapes.

Despite an address book sculpted over the years, the mission does not look easy for Christian. The offer of plots available is not crazy, you are not the only ones on the spot and the Champagne appellation, which has 5 major wine regions (Vallée de la Marne, Montagne de Reims, Côte des Blancs, Côte de Sézanne and Côte des Bar… to which we can add that of Vitryat) extends over more than 34,000 hectares.

Before wishing him good luck and good luck, don't forget to remind him that the acquisition of specific plots, enclosed or eco-managed for example, could be a real plus for the prestige of the house...  

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